Chick & Lamb Easter Craft

By vickybarone | April 4, 2014
Chick & Lamb Easter Craft | Vicky Barone

While looking for Easter crafts for the boys, we stumbled upon this adorable paper plate baby chick. We loved that little guy so much we decided to make him a lamb friend! We think anything with googly eyes is hysterical, so of course we had a lot of fun with these silly Easter characters.

Chick & Lamb Easter Craft | Vicky BaroneMaterials for the Chick: A yellow paper plate (we had white paper plates so we painted one yellow with acrylic paint), orange scrapbook paper, yellow feathers, googly eyes, craft glue, and scissors.

Materials for the Lamb: A white paper plate, cotton balls, gray or black scrapbook paper, googly eyes, craft glue, and scissors.

Chick & Lamb Easter Craft | Vicky BaroneDirections: Check out Simple as That for the original directions!

Lamb Easter Craft | Vicky BaroneDirections:
1. Glue cotton balls to the paper plate until it’s covered.
2. Cut out four strips of scrapbook paper for the legs, an oval for the head, and two little oval ears.
3. Fold the four strips accordion-style and glue to the back of the plate.
4. Glue ears onto the back of the lamb’s head and googly eyes to the front.
5. Glue the lamb’s head onto the cotton ball-covered plate.

Chick & Lamb Easter Craft | Vicky BaroneWe hope you and your little ones enjoy making these as much as we did! What other animals could you make with a paper plate, googly eyes, and some accordion legs? We’d love to see!

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