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DIY Felt Bunny Ears

by vickybarone

Here’s our last Easter post of the season, and it sure is a cute one! These felt bunny ears are perfect for your little ones to wear while they hop around looking for treats on Easter morning!

DIY Felt Bunny Ears | Vicky BaroneMaterials: felt, scissors, craft glue, and a needle and thread.

1. Cut two strips of gray felt about 2.5″ thick. Glue or sew these strips together to create a headband that fits your child’s head comfortably.
2. Cut two ear shapes out of gray felt and two ear shapes about 1/4 of an inch smaller around the edges in pink or blue felt.
3. Glue the inside of the ears to the bigger gray ears. Set aside to dry.
4. Once the ears are dry, pinch the base of an ear and sew two or three stitches into it to create the folded ear look. This helps the ears stick straight up when your child is wearing them. *Feel free to skip this step if you’d like the ears to appear flat. If they’re tall enough, they might flop over which would also be very cute!
5. Sew each ear to the headband until secure.

DIY Felt Bunny Ears | Vicky BaroneHere they are on our one cooperative little bunny 🙂

DIY Felt Bunny Ears | Vicky BaroneWe hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!

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