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Welcome Back!

by vickybarone

Welcome back, friends!
After a few years of taking a break, I’ve decided to start blogging again. Now that my kids are a little older and are way too cool to do DIY projects with me, I’m shifting the content focus towards my creative business. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been running my own creative studio for over 20 years. My work has included comprehensive brand and logo design, packaging and web design, web development, publishing a few kids’ books and developing content to license for greeting cards and other products sold worldwide.

Over 50 million individual greeting cards that I’ve designed have been sold worldwide.

I want to share some of my knowledge and experience with you as well as some of the strategies I use to balance my creative career with being a busy mom. I’m hoping to better document some of my learning opportunities, current musings, and ways to continue to grow as an artist and a person. My motto is to Celebrate Everything – from big accomplishments to simple moments. I am so very grateful for this amazing and messy life. Thank you for being here following along. I’d love to get to know you, so check out my IG feed and connect with me!

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