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Metallic Easter Eggs

by vickybarone

One more Easter egg post for you all! We just adored these pretty pastel pink and gold eggs so much that we grabbed our materials and made our own brighter versions with gold AND silver!

Metallic Easter Eggs | Vicky BaroneMaterials: Hard-boiled eggs, an egg dye kit, tape, and metallic paint pens in gold and silver.

We chose to use paint pens to create the illusion of dipping the eggs in paint because they dried quicker and gave us more control over the design.

1. Dye eggs according to the directions on the egg dye kit. Let dry completely.
2. Tape off lines where you would like the “dip” line to reach on the egg.
3. Using the tape line as a guide, draw a line with the paint pen and then fill in the rest of the egg (since the eggs are porous and the paint pens are runny, its hard to get tape to seal a perfect paint line on the egg that the paint pen won’t run under. We suggest you use the tape solely as a rough guide).
4. Let eggs rest upside down until the paint dries completely.

We hope you have fun making these fancy eggs! Does dipping them in paint work better for you? We’d love to see!


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