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Monogrammed Easter Eggs

by vickybarone

We are always looking for new ways to decorate Easter eggs – and the easier the better! You only need two things to create these personalized eggs (three if you count the egg!) and they couldn’t be simpler. Your little bunnies will be so happy to see their initials!

Monogrammed Easter Eggs | Vicky Barone

(Adapted from this tutorial. How cute are those bunnies!)

Supplies: alphabet stickers, Sharpie markers, and hard boiled eggs.

1. Center a sticker onto a dry egg. Press it down with your thumbnail to squeeze out all the air bubbles.
2. Use a Sharpie in a bright color to make dots around the sticker. Concentrate the dots around the outline of the sticker and spread them out as you move outwards away from the sticker.
3. Make sure the marker dots have dried and carefully remove the sticker.

Monogrammed Easter Eggs | Vicky Barone

If you’re looking for more creative ways to decorate Easter eggs, check out this post.

We hope you’re enjoying Spring so far!

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