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DIY Bunny Jars

by vickybarone

These little bunny jars are the perfect way to share some sweets on Easter. We filled ours up with jelly beans and we’re thinking they might nestle in some Easter baskets!

DIY Bunny Jars | Vicky Barone

Supplies: glass jars, white acrylic paint (or spray paint!), a paint brush, white and pink felt, scissors, hot glue, pink and black markers.

1. Paint the jars with the white acrylic paint. If you intend to fill the jars with candy later, remove the lid before painting and try not to paint too far up the neck of the glass jar. This will help the lid twist on and off easily.
2. Cut bunny ear shapes out of the felt using sharp scissors. Make the white ears a little larger than the pink and hot glue them together.
3. When the jar is completely dry, twist on the cap and add hot glue to the side of it. Carefully press the felt ears onto the hot glue.
4. Using a pink marker, draw a little upside-down triangle in the center of the jar for a nose. Use a fine black marker to create the eyes and the mouth.

DIY Bunny Jars | Vicky Barone

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