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DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

by vickybarone

Happy First Day of Spring! If you’re having a dreary start to your Spring Equinox like we are, maybe some flowers will brighten up your day!

We made these tissue paper flowers using the same method used to make these tissue paper pom poms. Instead of fluffing up the paper on both sides to make a globe shape, we pulled the paper upwards only to create a flower.

Diy Tissue Paper Flowers | Vicky Barone

Supplies: tissue paper, scissors, floral wire.

1. Stack 5-7 pieces of tissue paper (ours were 6″x6″ squares) and fold it up accordion style.
2. Twist the floral wire around the middle of the folded tissue paper and create a “stem.”
3. Cut each end of the accordion into a semi circle shape. This will create the scalloped edges of the flower.
4. Holding the stem in your hand (similar to picture two above) carefully pull each sheet of tissue paper up and away from the bunch. Repeat this until all of the pieces are separated.
5. Add your tissue paper flower to a vase!

You can use all kinds of colored tissue paper to create a rainbow of flowers and even mix colors within one flower. Cutting different shapes into the ends of the accordion other than a semi circle will also create an array of different types of flowers.

DIY Tissue Paper Flowers | Vicky Barone

We hope you have a happy first day of Spring!

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