Here’s a fun and easy (and cheap!) detail from our son’s first birthday party!

What you need: Colored tissue paper, floral wire, scissors, and string.

What to do:
1) Stack 10 to 15 pieces of tissue and fold it up accordion style.

2)  Twist floral wire around the middle of the folded tissue paper and fasten into a loop.

3) For the party, we cut the ends of the accordion into a point to make a more spiky pom pom. You can also cut a scalloped edge for a more flowery look.

4) Carefully pull each of the sheets of paper away from the bunch to create your pom pom!

5) Tie a piece of string on the wire loop and hang your pom poms!

Here are some of the pom poms we made for the party:


We used the white ones for our Summer Party! Take a look to find other DIY party projects!