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Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs

by vickybarone

Since dip-dye is all the rage these days, we thought we’d try it on our Easter eggs!

Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs | Vicky BaroneAll you need are some hard boiled eggs, cups, and a good old-fashioned egg dye kit.

1. Mix the dye according to the directions, making sure the pellets are completely dissolved.
2. Pour about 1/3 of the dyed water into a clear cup like these.
3. Carefully lower the egg into the cup at the angle you’d like it to be dyed and lean it against the side of the cup.
4. When the egg has reached the desired shade, carefully remove it from the cup.
5. Blot any drips of water from the egg and let it rest on a paper towel or cooling rack to dry.

Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs | Vicky Barone

Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs | Vicky Barone

Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs | Vicky Barone*Tip for measuring the right amount of dye into the clear cup: To make sure the water line was at the right place and not too high or low once the egg was in it, I first tested it out with clear water. I placed an egg in a clear cup and poured water in after it until it reached the height I wanted on the egg. Then I removed the egg and made a mark on the cup where the water line was.

*Tip for eggs with horizontal dye lines: I placed these eggs (the blue and orange ones) straight down into the dye and held them steady with my index finger in the center, rather than leaning them up against the side of the cup. All you need is a little patience and a steady hand!

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P.S. Have you seen these clever Pantone eggs? We LOVE them!

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