Inspired by this picture on Pinterest, we went out and bought a handful of wooden spoons for this sweet and easy kids craft for Easter.

Chick & Bunny Easter Craft | Vicky BaroneMaterials: Wooden spoons, acrylic paint, scrapbook paper, googly eyes, feathers, felt, glue, and a marker.

1. Paint both spoons with white acrylic paint. Let dry.
2. Paint one of the white spoons yellow (the white will have acted as a primer so that the yellow paint would pop without the need for too many coats).
3. Make bunny ears by cutting out small pieces of white felt and coloring the insides pink with the marker.
4. Glue bunny ears onto the back of the white spoon and yellow feathers onto the back of the yellow spoon. Let dry.
5. Glue on googly eyes to each spoon.
6. Draw a small triangle with pink marker onto the white spoon to create the bunny’s nose.
7. Cut out a small diamond from the scrapbook paper, fold in half, and glue onto the yellow spoon to create the chick’s beak.

Chick & Bunny Easter Craft | Vicky Barone

Just like with our chick and lamb paper plate craft, the googly eyes really give the Easter characters personality (and they crack us up!).