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Farewell for now

Hello, dear readers! Today is bittersweet for me as I have decided to say farewell to The past four and a half years have been so much fun with all of you, but it is time for me to switch gears and focus my attention elsewhere. I am so grateful for each and every one of you! My most favorite thing was hearing that you tried one of our DIY projects or recipes. Knowing that the content on became a part of your lives and your homes is so meaningful to me...

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Travel Tips for a Fun, Safe, & Adventurous Year

Have any fun trips coming up? Today we’re sharing some simple travel tips to get you and your home ready for your next adventure! 1. Leave early || I hate to stress about being late for flights and prefer to leave early. This way, I can relax and enjoy my travel instead of the inevitable sprint to the gate! 2. Pack healthy snacks || I always make sure I have my own healthy snack with me and purchase a bottle of water at the airport before I get on a plane. 3. Bring fun activities to pass...

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Online Seller Tax Tips

Tax day has come and gone (thank goodness!) and we are excited for a fresh new tax year! Our goal for 2016 is to be even more organized than ever. If you’re an online seller like us, we have an awesome info-graphic to share from the US Tax Center, an educational hub for all things tax related and great when filing taxes online. We hope this makes your 2016 taxes even easier! Being an online-seller has been a fun and fulfilling experience over the past three years. Selling my artwork on...

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New Blog Layout!

We are so excited to present our new blog makeover! Take a look around and tell us what you think! Don’t forget to visit the Etsy shop, follow Vicky Barone on Instagram, and check out the latest pins on Pinterest. Enjoy!

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