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Travel Tips for a Fun, Safe, & Adventurous Year

by vickybarone

Have any fun trips coming up? Today we’re sharing some simple travel tips to get you and your home ready for your next adventure!

1. Leave early || I hate to stress about being late for flights and prefer to leave early. This way, I can relax and enjoy my travel instead of the inevitable sprint to the gate!
2. Pack healthy snacks || I always make sure I have my own healthy snack with me and purchase a bottle of water at the airport before I get on a plane.
3. Bring fun activities to pass the time || I like to have a number of activities to do while I’m on the plane that are readily accessible in my carry-on item. If my boys are with me, I make sure they have lots of movie options lined up too!
4. Pack lightly || I try not to over-pack my carry-on because I’m always concerned I won’t be able to lift it up into the overhead bin on my own. To lessen the load even more, I swap out paper books for a downloaded version on my iPad!
5. Stay fully-charged || I like to make sure my phone and iPad are fully charged before I leave for a trip, but I also bring readily-accessible chargers just in case.
6. Expect the unexpected || In the event that my checked luggage goes missing or is delayed, I like to have a couple day’s worth of medicine, toiletries, and clothing in my carry-on. I also pack an extra pair of headphones just in case!
7. Prep your home || Before any kind of travels, I like to make sure my house is nice and clean and all the lights and appliances are turned off and unplugged. Most importantly, I make sure my house is well-protected while I’m away. Simplisafe has provided us with a printable travel checklist to make sure your home is ready-to-go before a trip! Click the image below to download the checklist and click here to learn more about home security with Simplisafe.

Travel Tips for a Fun, Safe, and Adventurous Year | Vicky Barone | Simplisafe
Thanks, Simplisafe, for the great ideas! Have any travel tips to add? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments below.
Bon voyage!

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