Have any fun trips coming up? Today we’re sharing some simple travel tips to get you and your home ready for your next adventure!

1. Leave early || I hate to stress about being late for flights and prefer to leave early. This way, I can relax and enjoy my travel instead of the inevitable sprint to the gate!
2. Pack healthy snacks || I always make sure I have my own healthy snack with me and purchase a bottle of water at the airport before I get on a plane.
3. Bring fun activities to pass the time || I like to have a number of activities to do while I’m on the plane that are readily accessible in my carry-on item. If my boys are with me, I make sure they have lots of movie options lined up too!
4. Pack lightly || I try not to over-pack my carry-on because I’m always concerned I won’t be able to lift it up into the overhead bin on my own. To lessen the load even more, I swap out paper books for a downloaded version on my iPad!
5. Stay fully-charged || I like to make sure my phone and iPad are fully charged before I leave for a trip, but I also bring readily-accessible chargers just in case.
6. Expect the unexpected || In the event that my checked luggage goes missing or is delayed, I like to have a couple day’s worth of medicine, toiletries, and clothing in my carry-on. I also pack an extra pair of headphones just in case!
7. Prep your home || Before any kind of travels, I like to make sure my house is nice and clean and all the lights and appliances are turned off and unplugged. Most importantly, I make sure my house is well-protected while I’m away. Simplisafe has provided us with a printable travel checklist to make sure your home is ready-to-go before a trip! Click the image below to download the checklist and click here to learn more about home security with Simplisafe.

Travel Tips for a Fun, Safe, and Adventurous Year | Vicky Barone | Simplisafe
Thanks, Simplisafe, for the great ideas! Have any travel tips to add? We’d love to hear! Let us know in the comments below.
Bon voyage!