Today is Cooper’s 7th Birthday!!  We started off the day doing his most favorite activity – playing frisbee in the backyard!


Then we took him on a car ride and walked a local trail around a nice lake. Now he’s snoozing on the couch.  He should be resting up because we have more celebrating to do tonight!  We baked him a dog-friendly birthday cake and he LOVES to unwrap presents! He’s usually quite the helper when it comes to presents for everyone else so today he can thoroughly enjoy gifts just for him!


For those of you looking for great dog-friendly cake recipe, here’s the one we used from

Doggie Birthday Cake

While it doesn’t sound all that appealing to me, I’m sure Cooper will love it! We topped it with peanut butter for frosting and added a little decoration.  We’re making real cupcakes so the kids can celebrate with him!


We love you with all of our hearts, Cooper Dog! xoxo

P.S. Check out the “pup”sicle recipe Cooper loves!