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The Cooper Dog

by vickybarone

This week I’m feeling extremely sentimental because it’s our first boy’s 7th birthday on Friday. We welcomed Cooper T. Dog (his official name – the “T” stands for “the”) into our lives when he was 12-weeks-old and we could have never imagined the joy he would bring to us.  He is our first ‘boy’ and continues to act very much like a toddler most days…although I swear he cannot only read my mind but can also spell words like “W-A-L-K.”  We shortened it to just “W” and when he caught on, we just called it “a letter of the alphabet” but now we have to say things like “stroll.”  He is the consummate companion – always ready to play Frisbee or cuddle. I’m sure all of the pet owners out there understand the special place in our hearts that is reserved just for Cooper.

I created this print a couple of years ago because it was a fun project and thought it would be a cool addition to our bonus room. Now we can look at a print of our sweet Cooper Dog every night. It is such a nice addition to our home that I know will be a part of our decor for years to come.

I’ve created similar prints for other special four-legged friends.  This first print I made for my brother and sister-in-law to feature their dog, Beamer (and yes, they are avid Virginia Tech fans as well).


This next print I made for a dear friend of mine who lost her dog Chewy. This was an emotional gift, but it was a nice way to commemorate such an important family member. We miss you, Chewy.


Okay, before I get too weepy, I just want to say: “We love you Cooper Dog!”

Check out my Etsy store where you can purchase some of the prints I have available as well as some of my canvas wall art!

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