Thanksgiving is only 22 days away! Today we have a garland project that is perfect to make ahead of time. It’s also interchangeable so it’s great for any holiday!

DIY Thanksgiving GarlandMaterials: Kraft paper, adhesive chipboard alphabet letters, white acrylic paint, a paint brush, scissors, mini clothes pins, and twine (the gold acrylic paint pictured was for the clothes pins, but we decided later to keep them unpainted).
You can find all of these materials at your local craft store!

1. Paint each letter white with the acrylic paint (My oldest son helped paint! It was an easy project for him and he enjoyed being a part of the Thanksgiving preparations!).
2. Cut kraft paper into 4×7 inch rectangles using a paper cutter.
3. Using scissors, cut a triangle out of the bottom of each paper rectangle. We made a stencil out of scrap paper to make sure each triangle cut was the same.
4. Once the letters are dry, remove the backing and attach one to each piece of kraft paper (the adhesive wasn’t very sticky on ours so we placed heavy books on top of each until they set).
5. Cut one long piece of twine and attach each flag with two mini clothespins, leaving equal space between the flags and extra twine on each end for hanging.

DIY Thanksgiving Garland

DIY Thanksgiving GarlandWe first made the garland on one long strand of twine to hang on the bar in the dining room as well as the mantle in the living room.

DIY Thanksgiving GarlandYou can also  put each word on its own piece of twine to create multiple levels!

DIY Thanksgiving Garland

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