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Online Seller Tax Tips

by vickybarone

Tax day has come and gone (thank goodness!) and we are excited for a fresh new tax year! Our goal for 2016 is to be even more organized than ever. If you’re an online seller like us, we have an awesome info-graphic to share from the US Tax Center, an educational hub for all things tax related and great when filing taxes online. We hope this makes your 2016 taxes even easier!

IRS.com Online Seller Checklist | Vicky Barone | Online Seller Tax Tips

Being an online-seller has been a fun and fulfilling experience over the past three years. Selling my artwork on Etsy and other e-commerce sites has helped gain exposure for my brand and offered a way for fans of my work to purchase some of my artwork directly! We have also been able to connect with charities and donate pieces to help benefit local organizations. Even though e-commerce is just a small piece of what I offer as an artist and illustrator, it is still so important to make sure I am filing my taxes correctly and efficiently.
The US tax Center’s goal is to serve as a place for people with a variety of tax questions and provide the best e-filing service on the web. Have any questions? They are here to help! You can find them right here.
Have any other tips to get the most out of your taxes as a small business owner? We’d love to hear!

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