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We saw this AMAZING idea for a photo booth here and knew we had to try and re-create it for the Race Car Birthday Party!

DIY Car Photo Booth | Vicky BaroneThe kids loved it and it made for great pictures! Using the pictures from this blog post as inspiration, we did our best to create our own free standing car photo booth. Here’s how we did it:

Materials: cardboard, an X-acto knife or scissors, red duct tape, black duct tape, two wooden dowels, a brad pin, and paper cut outs for the headlights and license plate.

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1. On a large piece of cardboard, trace the shape of a front-facing car with a large windshield. Cut this out with an Exacto knife or scissors.
2. On a smaller piece of cardboard or with your cardboard scraps, trace and cut out two slightly squared off ovals (these will be the wheels!) and a steering wheel.
3. Wrap the car in red duct tape and the wheels and steering wheel with black duct tape. Attach the wheels to the bottom of the car with more tape.
4. I made my own head lights and license plate, printed them out, and glued them to the car. You can recreate this on the computer or by cutting out two black circles and two slightly smaller white circles for the headlights and a rectangle with any combination of letters and numbers you’d like for the license plate!
5. Flip the car over and tape the wooden dowels to the back. We attached ours midway up the sides of the car to support the flimsy outline if the windshield.
6. We attached the steering wheel by punching a hole in the car and in the center of the steering wheel and inserting a plastic brad from a DIY Pinwheel kit (you can use any kind of brad pin or paper fastener). This helped the wheel spin, which made it extra fun! Then we added a piece of red duct tape to the front of the car to cover where the brad stuck out.
7. Using a stake or sharp object, make holes in the ground outside and insert the wooden dowels.

DIY Car Photo Booth | Vicky Barone

We had so much fun with the photo booth we might make another one some day!

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