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Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps

by vickybarone

It’s Friday, which means we’re another week closer to Halloween! To keep you and your little ones busy while you wait, we have a super fun DIY that you can make with materials already in your home (and kitchen!).Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps | Vicky Barone

These sweet little jack-o-lanterns are made from apples! Similar to our St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Pepper Stamps, we used produce to create the perfect pumpkin shape.

Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps | Vicky Barone

Supplies: apples, a knife, a cutting board, acrylic paint (in orange, black, and green), a paint brush, a paper plate, and a Sharpie (optional).

1. Cut an apple in half and remove any seeds that look like they could fall out during the painting process.
2. Pour some orange paint onto a paper plate and dip an apple half into it.
3. Dab off some of the paint and give the apple stamp a few test runs to see how thick you’d like the paint. We had an extra piece of paper to test on.
4. Press the paint-covered apple half onto your work surface as many times as you’d like! You can create a pumpkin patch, or just a hodge podge of floating jack-o-lanterns.
5. When the orange paint has dried completely, use a paint brush and some black paint to create the jack-o-lantern faces and green paint to create leaves and curly vines.
6. I wrote a Happy Halloween message with a black Sharpie, but you can use more black paint if you’re feeling brave!

Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps | Vicky Barone

Have fun with it! This is a great project for kids — they will love using fruit as a stamp (just don’t let them take a paint covered bite!).

Jack-o-Lantern Apple Stamps | Vicky Barone

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