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Halloween Bat Pumpkins

by vickybarone

Fall is in full swing and pumpkins are taking over! If you’re anything like us, you frequently find yourself leaving the grocery store, farmer’s market, and craft store with more and more mini pumpkins. We don’t blame you! They’re irresistible (especially to little ones tagging along on your errands). Thankfully, there are endless things to do with those little orange wonders to give them a multitude of purposes around the house.

Halloween Bat Pumpkins | Vicky Barone

Today we’re sharing a super simple DIY to turn your mini pumpkins into bats for Halloween!

Halloween Bat Pumpkins | Vicky Barone

Supplies: mini pumpkins, a thumb tack, patterned black and gray scrapbook paper, scissors, toothpicks, and tape.

1. Cut bat wings out of scrapbook paper. We made a template to trace by holding a pumpkin on its side and sketching some wings to the left and right. One curved swoop out, and four curved swoops in. Once you get the shape you like, cut out the wings and use them to trace the shape onto the back of the patterned scrapbook paper. Cut the scrapbook paper wings with scissors.
2. Tape a toothpick to the back of each wing, leaving 1/4 inch of toothpick sticking out past each wing.
3. Use a thumbtack to make two holes in the sides of a pumpkin. To make the wings stick out at different angles, make the thumbtack hole in the center, the top, or the bottom.
4. Insert the wings into the holes, pressing them in until the paper meets up with the pumpkin and you can’t see the toothpick.

Halloween Bat Pumpkins | Vicky Barone

Decorate your home with your bat pumpkins! We put ours on candle sticks on the dining room table for a Halloween-themed tablescape.

Halloween Bat Pumpkins | Vicky Barone

If you like these bat pumpkins, you’ll love our spider pumpkins!

Are you decorating for Halloween yet? How about Christmas? 😉

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