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DIY Frosted Glass Vases

by vickybarone

Our Dip Dyed Frosted Tumblers have been such a hit lately, that we decided to bring back out the Martha Stewart glass paint to create something new! These frosted glass vases use the same technique as the tumblers and make the perfect accessory for fresh flowers in your home.

DIY Frosted Glass Vases | Vicky Barone

Here’s how you can make your own:

DIY Frosted Glass Vases | Vicky BaroneSupplies: glass vases, rubbing alcohol, tape, a foam pouncer or brush, and Martha Stewart’s Translucent Frost Glass Paint.

1. Clean the tumblers with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball or paper towel. Let dry.
2. Tape off sections of the vases and press out all the air bubbles under the tape with your fingernail.
3. Dip the pouncer or brush in the frost paint and begin painting the vases using an up and down motion.
4. Let dry two hours, then apply a second coat to even out the paint.
5. Let dry overnight and then peel off the tape.
6. Follow the directions on Martha Stewart’s craft website for how to set the paint (We air cure for 21 days, but you can also oven bake them).

DIY Frosted Glass Vases | Vicky Barone

DIY Frosted Glass Vases | Vicky Barone


You can find our Dip Dyed Frosted Tumblers here and our Metallic Confetti Tumblers here.

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Sam September 8, 2015 - 4:21 am

These turned out amazing! I actually have seen (and most likely, pinned) your dip-dyed tumblers! The color is so beautiful and it looks really great with those flowers. Thank you for sharing this with Welcome Home Wednesday this week, hope you come back again…I love having such talented crafters in our midst. Now for me to peruse your other dip-dyed projects I see there ^^.

vickybarone September 8, 2015 - 11:37 am

Hi, Sam! Thank you SO much for your kind words! So glad you found us, thanks for reading!

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