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DIY Nature Mobile

by vickybarone

Happy Monday, friends! Today we’re sharing a fun craft that gets your kids outside and exploring nature! This DIY wall hanging lets them collect the pretty items they find in the backyard and put them on display in a colorful celebration of nature. Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Nature Mobile Wall Hanging | Vicky BaroneSupplies: a wooden dowel OR a wooden embroidery hoop, clear cord, clear packing tape OR contact paper, and any leaves, petals, or other items you find.

1. Collect items from outside. Press them onto a piece of packing tape (or contact paper if they are larger).
2. Take another piece of packing tape and press it on top of the item to sandwich it in between the two pieces of tape.
3. Cut a circle around the item and discard the tape scraps.
4. Tie pieces of cord onto the dowel or embroidery hoop. Our longest piece was about 15 inches in the center, and the pieces to the right and left decreased in length as they went out.
5. Tape each nature item to the cord, spacing them evenly.
6. Hang your decor using more cord and enjoy your pretty nature display!

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