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DIY Metallic Confetti Tumblers

by vickybarone

Here’s how we made the metallic confetti tumblers from our Summer party!
We love the way Zandi from Radical Possibility made her Anthropologie knock-off confetti tumblers, and decided to make our own version to match our Summer party!


-Glass tumblers
-Metallic glass paint (we used Martha Stewart’s Opaque Glass Paint in “Champagne”)
-Rubbing alcohol and a paper towel

What to do:
1. Clean the tumblers using a paper towel and rubbing alcohol.
2. Using your glass paint with the detail tip, start making concentrated dots at the base of the tumbler and spread them out as you move up (we suggest you practice a dotting technique on a paper plate first so you get into the rhythm of it, otherwise your first dots may be a different size than the rest).
3. Follow the directions on your glass paint for how to set the paint. We let ours air cure for 21 days, but you can also bake them in the oven to set them!
4. Make a fancy cocktail and pour into your pretty new tumblers!

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