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4th of July Star Garland

by vickybarone

Independence Day is this Friday! If you’re having a get-together or you’d just like a little patriotic decor, this paper garland adds the perfect touch of red, white, and blue!

4th of July Star Garland | Vicky Barone

1. Scrapbook paper. We used red, burgundy, navy blue, royal blue, and a glimmery silver.
2. Stars to trace. We printed a few stars on a piece of paper, cut them out with an X-acto knife, and used both the cut-out stars and the remaining paper as stencils.
3. X-acto knife. You can also trace the stars with a pencil onto the scrapbook paper and then cut them out with scissors.
4. A sewing machine and all-purpose white thread.

1. Use a star stencil to trace and cut out stars from the different colored scrapbook paper.
2. Adjust the sewing machine to a loose stitch.
3. Feed the stars one by one into the sewing machine, leaving tails of thread at the ends to hang the garland (If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can use clear tape or even patterned washi tape to attach the stars to a piece of string).
4. Hang up your garland and enjoy!

4th of July Star Garland | Vicky Barone

4th of July Star Garland | Vicky Barone

Have any fun plans this weekend? We’re hoping to relax and watch some fireworks. Happy Independence Day!

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