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Yogurt Cup Popsicles

by vickybarone

Are you ready for the easiest Popsicles ever? It’s hard to even call this a “recipe” because there’s truly nothing to it! All you need is a pack of yogurt cups and some Popsicle sticks.

Yogurt Cup Popsicles | Vicky Barone

We used a six pack of kids yogurt in strawberry and blueberry and some tongue depressors instead of Popsicle sticks to make them easier to hold in little hands. We also used the tip of a sharp knife to make little slits where the tongue depressors could slide in. Pop them into the freezer overnight, then peel away the lid and the tasty treat should pop right out! If you’re having trouble, run them under warm water to loosen the yogurt pop from the cup.

Yogurt Cup Popsicles | Vicky Barone

These are a great idea to make when you’re going out of town, but you have a fridge full of yogurt that will expire before you get back! Pop them in the freezer and you have the perfect guilt-free Summer treat for kids and adults, anytime!

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