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DIY Felt Heart Cake Toppers

by vickybarone

We made the sweetest cake toppers for Valentine’s Day! They are super easy to make and would make a nice touch to any Valentine’s Day treat. Try them in your heart-shaped pancakes, use them as a drink stirrer, or have them top off any cake, pie, or cupcake!

DIY Felt Heart Cake Toppers for Valentine's Day | Vicky BaroneMaterials: Felt, cake pop sticks, a hot glue gun, and scissors.

1. Cut your felt into different sized squares.
2. Fold one square in half and cut out half of a heart, with the fold as the center.
3. Unfold the square and trim the heart you just made!
4. Place the heart on top of another piece of felt in the same color and cut an identical heart underneath, using the top heart as a tracer.
5. Put a line of hot glue down the middle of one heart and place a cake pop stick on top.
6. Outline the heart with more hot glue and place the matching heart on top.
7. Repeat with different sized hearts in different colors.

DIY Felt Heart Cake Toppers for Valentine's Day | Vicky BaroneUse your multi-colored hearts to make different color combinations!

DIY Felt Heart Cake Toppers for Valentine's Day | Vicky BaroneThese cake toppers aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! Make them to match your birthday party theme, or cut them into shapes other than hearts! Show us what you make! We would love to see it.




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