We hosted a girls’ night party with a few of our close friends, some cocktails, and pizza! What better way to spend an ordinary Wednesday evening than by dressing up and sipping on girly drinks with friends?

Here are some highlights from our night!

Pizza and Champagne Party
We dropped a few frozen raspberries in our champagne to keep it chilled and make it fancy! Then we ordered pizza delivery to bring us back down to earth. We also made some jello shots from scratch, and picked up some fresh flowers and frozen macarons from the grocery store. Mixing homemade with store-bought is a great way to make an easy and pretty party come together.

Pizza and Champagne Party

Here are some of the elements we used for our party (check back soon for links to tutorials!):
White Chocolate rimmed cocktail glasses with Rainbow Sprinkles
Ombre Gelatin Shots
Parisian Macarons from Trader Joe’s
Flower Arrangements DIY
String lights from Amazon
Diamond Paper Garland DIY

Thank you so much to everyone who came to our party! We were so happy to have you all. Cheers to a great evening!
Pizza and Champagne Party