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DIY Fall Flower Arrangement

by vickybarone

Fresh flowers are beautiful, but buying them from a flower shop in already-made arrangements can be pricey. Here’s a quick and simple way to make your own arrangement using a cheap bouquet from the grocery store. We used a 4 dollar bouquet and a simple glass vase from the dollar store and created this low arrangement that’s perfect for our Thanksgiving table!

DIY Fall Flower Arrangement

Materials: A small bouquet of fresh flowers, a vase, tape, and scissors.

1. Put water and flower food into your vase, making sure the outside of the vase is dry so the tape will stick.
2. Use tape to create a crisscross pattern on the top of the vase.
3. Cut each flower stem at a diagonal and place each into their own hole in the tape lattice.

Now you have a beautiful low flower arrangement to add to your Thanksgiving centerpiece.
Check out the flower arrangements we made for our Pizza and Champagne Party!

P.S. With the support of the tape and a few more bouquets, you can make an even bigger arrangement! Martha Stewart shows you how with this large bowl and some beautiful dahlias.

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