Sewn paper garlands have become our go-to decoration lately. They are a great way to create a bright color palette for any party and they are easy to make! Here is the diamond paper garland we made for our Pizza and Champagne Party!

DIY Diamond Paper GarlandMaterials:
1. Colorful card stock or scrapbook paper
2. A paper cutter
3. A sewing machine
4. All purpose thread

1. Using the paper cutter, cut each piece of colored paper into squares of different sizes
2. Put all of your squares into the order that you want (we did the same pattern of colors in order, but mixed up the sizes as we went)
3. Leave a tail of thread to hang the garland before starting to sew into the paper
4. One by one, feed each square into the sewing machine corner to corner to create the geometric diamond look
5. Hang your garland and enjoy! We made each of our strips long enough to hang vertically in a doorway, but you can also leave a tail of thread on each side of the garland and hang them horizontally as well!

Diamond Paper Garland
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