Christmas is just 11 days away, can you believe it?! Today we’re sharing a holly coffee sleeve to get you and your coffee into the Christmas spirit!

DIY Felt Holly Coffee Sleeve | Vicky Barone

Supplies: red and green felt, scissors, and hot glue.

1. Cut holly leaves out of the green felt. We sketched up a holly leaf we liked on card stock and cut it out to make a stencil so each of the leaves were identical.
2. Cut holly berries out of the red felt.
3. Glue holly pieces together in sections. Glue two holly leaves together and add berries on top until you have three holly shapes.
4. Measure around your to-go cup to see how much length you will need.
5. Glue holly shapes together, overlapping them if necessary to make the circle the right size for the cup.
6. Slide the holly sleeve over your cup and enjoy!

DIY Felt Holly Coffee Sleeve | Vicky Barone DIY Felt Holly Coffee Sleeve | Vicky Barone

These would make great last minute DIY gifts for friends and family! We hope you’re having a wonderful week and getting excited for the holidays!