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DIY Flamingo Cake Toppers

by vickybarone

We thought you might be in the market for some summery party ideas…so we made these pink flamingo cake toppers! We’ve even included a free printable template to make the creating even easier. Here is how to make your own foam flamingo cake toppers:

DIY Flamingo Cake Topper | Vicky Barone

Supplies: pink foam sheets, a free Vicky Barone printable template, scissors, a pencil, craft glue, wooden skewers, and hot glue.

1. Download and print your very own Vicky Barone printable template (click here to download!).
2. Cut out the flamingo shapes.
3. Trace onto the foam sheet with a pencil.
4. Cut out the flamingo shapes from the foam.
5. Use craft glue to attach the wings to the flamingos. Let dry.
6. Flip the flamingos over and attach the wooden skewers using hot glue.
7. Insert into a cake and enjoy!

DIY Flamingo Cake Topper | Vicky Barone

DIY Flamingo Cake Topper | Vicky Barone

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