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Frozen Sangria

by vickybarone

The weather is finally heating up and it feels like Summer is right around the corner. We know exactly what we’ll be sipping on the next few months…Frozen Sangria! You only need TWO ingredients to make this deliciously refreshing treat! Here is how to make your own…

Frozen Sangria | Vicky Barone

Ingredients: a bottle of sweet wine white (we used Moscato), and a bag of frozen mixed berries.

Directions: Mix ingredients in a blender, adjusting the portions as necessary to create the consistency you prefer. Serve in glasses with pretty straws and beat the heat!

Frozen Sangria | Vicky Barone Frozen Sangria | Vicky Barone Frozen Sangria | Vicky Barone

Doesn’t it look gorgeous? We can’t wait to make this super simple recipe all Summer long.

Enjoy responsibly! 😉

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