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DIY Valentine’s Day Frame

by vickybarone

On our hunt for Valentine’s Day supplies, we came across this adorable heart frame and just could not part with it. At only $1, can you blame us? We added some wood tint and cute little felt buntings to make a sweet Valentine’s Day frame. Here’s how you can make your own…

DIY Valentine's Day Frame | Vicky Barone

Supplies: wood frame, gray wood tint, a paint brush, twine, felt, scissors, and hot glue.

1. Apply wood tint with a paint brush according to directions.
2. While the wood tint is drying, cut triangles out of felt.
3. Attach the triangles to twine with hot glue to create two buntings.
4. Attach the buntings to the frame with hot glue.
5. Add a photo!

DIY Valentine's Day Frame | Vicky Barone

This frame would make a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift or just a cute addition to your home or office.

DIY Valentine's Day Frame | Vicky BaroneDIY Valentine's Day Frame | Vicky Barone

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