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DIY Candy Heart Tree

by vickybarone

Hello, February! We love this month and all the sweet things that come with it. Today we’re sharing a piece of DIY decor to make your house ready for Valentine’s Day! Here’s how to make your own candy heart tree…

DIY Candy Heart Tree | Vicky Barone

Supplies: a white styrofoam cone, candy conversation hearts, hot glue.

Directions: Starting from the bottom, attach candy hearts to the base of the cone using hot glue. Work your way up the cone until you reach the top. Stagger the hearts as you work on each row to cover as much of the cone as you can.

Optional: Spray the entire cone with acrylic sealer when finished.

DIY Candy Heart Tree | Vicky Barone

You can display the candy heart tree on a candlestick, a cake plate, or just on the counter.

DIY Candy Heart Tree | Vicky Barone

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