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DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses

by vickybarone

We have seen these chalkboard-dipped wine glasses all over Pinterest for years now so it’s about time we tried them out! One thing that held us back was the thought of potentially ruining perfectly good wine glasses, but we have a solution! The glasses we used are from the Dollar Tree! Lots of dollar stores have great glassware to choose from that’s perfect for crafts like this. Target even has some inexpensive stemware to choose from!

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses | Vicky Barone

This DIY could not be simpler, and it’s an awesome way to save your glass during a dinner party or get together! Here’s how to make your own:

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses | Vicky Barone

Supplies: wine glasses, chalkboard paint, aluminum foil, a paint brush, and chalk.

1. Make sure your glasses are clean and dust-free. Use rubbing alcohol to make them squeaky clean and ready for paint!
2. Open your can of chalkboard paint and give it a good stir.
3. Lay out a piece of aluminum foil to rest the painted glasses on. You can also use wax paper or newspaper, but we found that the paint stuck to those surfaces and had to be picked off later. They peeled right off the aluminum foil though with no trouble at all!
4. Dip the base of a wine glass into the chalkboard paint container.
5. Tap the base of the glass on the insides of the paint can in a back and forth motion to shake off the excess paint.
6. Use the paint brush to clean off the bottom of the glass and remove and drips.
7. Set the glass down on the aluminum foil and move on to the next glass!
8. Let the glasses dry overnight. While they’re drying, if you see that the paint is puddling, just simply move each glass to a new spot on the aluminum foil.

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses | Vicky Barone

Set the glasses out for your guests with a bowl full of chalk and they’ll be good to go. These glasses would be perfect for Christmas dinner or even New Year’s Eve!

DIY Chalkboard Wine Glasses | Vicky Barone

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and safe travels to those of you visiting friends and family!

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