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DIY Finger Puppet Ghosts

by vickybarone

These little guys (like anything we glue googly eyes to) crack us up. Just look at their shock and bewilderment! We can’t help but laugh.

Case in point:

We’re having a little too much fun prepping for Halloween ??? #fingerpuppets #halloween #ghost #diy

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These felt finger puppets are super easy to make. You and your little ones will be putting on puppet shows in no time.

DIY Finger Puppet Ghosts | Vicky Barone]

Supplies: white felt, googly eyes, fabric scissors, and hot glue.

1. Trace ghost shapes onto a piece of white felt.
2. Stack another piece of white felt underneath and cut out the ghost shapes (you’ll have double of each shape- top and bottom).
3. Take the “bottom” of a ghost shape and draw a line of hot glue around the perimeter, excluding the wavy base of the ghost. Immediately press the “top” of the ghost to the glue, making sure the shapes match up.
4. Use two dots of hot glue to attach the googly eyes.

DIY Finger Puppet Ghosts | Vicky Barone

That’s it! Now you can make a fleet of silly ghosts and put on a show.

DIY Finger Puppet Ghosts | Vicky Barone

DIY Finger Puppet Ghosts | Vicky Barone

Find more easy felt finger puppets here. And don’t forget to follow Vicky Barone on Instagram!

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