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We can’t believe that Summer is over and the boys are headed back to school for the Fall! Now we’re back to packing lunches and chasing the school bus. In honor of the first day of school, we’re sharing four yummy packed lunch ideas for when you’re stumped on what to send your kiddo to school with. These lunch combinations have fruits, veggies, and protein to give your little ones the nutrition and energy to tackle the day without sacrificing taste.

Back to School Packed Lunch Ideas | Vicky BaroneDoes your little one like hard boiled eggs? Add packets of salt and pepper to spice it up, or chop it up into egg salad with a little mayo. These zucchini mini muffins are made with bananas instead of sugar, and have some chia seeds thrown in!

Back to School Packed Lunch Ideas | Vicky BaroneBite-sized turkey and cheese roll ups with some sneaky spinach are sure to be a hit. We love this popcorn for a healthier option. Add some hummus for cucumber dipping!

Back to School Packed Lunch Ideas | Vicky BaroneQuick quesadillas are a great way to make a packed lunch more exciting. Add some salsa or sour cream for dipping! Chopped avocado and a lime wedge makes a DIY guacamole!

Back to School Packed Lunch Ideas | Vicky BaroneMy boys LOVE peas, so it’s no problem getting them to scarf this lunch down. How cute are these little club sandwiches? We just made a triple-decker turkey and cheese sandwich and cut it into squares. Colorful toothpicks add some flair and an apple with almond butter is almost dessert-like to round out the meal.

Here are the lunch boxes I use, pictured above. They make packing lunches SO easy, especially the night before! They help keep all the food separate and fresh and they’re dishwasher safe.

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Happy First Day of School!!

The above includes affiliate links. If purchased, I will receive a commission.