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Cupcake Liner Drink Cover

by vickybarone

As our Summer days come to a close (say it a’int so!), we have one more warm-weather hack to keep your spirits high and your lemonade bug-free. We’ve seen this little trick on Pinterest, but our cupcake liners never seemed to fit any of the cups we wanted to bring outside. Then we remembered these adorable milk jar glasses from Target – they’re the perfect size! Grab your sweet drinks and join us outside, friends…

Cupcake Liner Drink Cover | Summer Hack | Vicky Barone

Supplies: cupcake liners, scissors, and a straw.

1. Use scissors or a sharp knife to carve an X in the center of a cupcake liner.
2. Stick a straw through the X. If it doesn’t quite fit, make the X a little bigger with your scissors or knife.
3. Pop the straw into your drink and push the cupcake liner down to cover the opening.

Tada! That’s it! Now you can sip away without any bugs trying to share. This works great for wine-drinking fruit flies inside as well!

Use a cupcake liner to keep bugs out of your drink | Summer hack | Vicky Barone

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