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Happy National S’mores Day!

by vickybarone

All these “National Holidays” popping up on Instagram and Twitter have been a bit overwhelming. But when we heard that National S’mores Day was coming up, we decided it was absolutely a valid reason to celebrate a random Monday in August. Today we’re sharing a round up of drool-worthy s’mores-inspired desserts to start your week off right. Enjoy!
(The header photo above is just your classic quadruple-decker s’more, made by yours truly. No recipe necessary, just get to stacking 😉 )

1. Skillet Dip | 2. Trifle | 3. Baked Cups
4. Rice Krispie Pinwheels | 5. On a Stick | 6. Truffles
7. Donuts | 8. Coffee Milkshake | 9. Campfire Cones

Happy National S'mores Day | Vicky Barone

10. Dumplings | 11. Mini Cheesecakes | 12. Dip
13. Frozen Pies | 14. Bark | 15. Puff Pastry Pop Tarts
16. Crescent Rolls | 17. Pancakes | 18. Macarons

We hope you have a Happy Monday! Will you celebrate today?

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