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Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids

by vickybarone

Is there anything more thrilling than the look of delight on your child’s face when they find a crisp dollar bill under their pillow where they once laid a tooth? Today we’re sharing six clever ideas to help the Tooth Fairy step up her game. Not that she is slacking by any means, but we just love some of these cute ideas so much we wanted to share. My very own tooth fairy pillow is on the list, and I have to say the Tooth Fairy so appreciates not having to dig her way under a pillow to find my kids’ teeth. Click the links below to see more!

Tooth Fairy Ideas for Kids | Vicky Barone

1. Tiny Door | 2. Pillow Door Hanger
3. Printable Tooth Fairy Notes | 4. Origami Money
5. Glitter Money | 6. Message in a Bottle

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