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Things I Love: DIY Piñatas

by vickybarone

We know that the idea of making your own piñata sounds crazy, but we PROMISE it’s a lot easier than it looks! We’ve collected 12 piñata tutorials to inspire you. Isn’t a piñata that matches the theme of your party just what you’ve been looking for? Read on and get to crafting!

12 DIY Pinatas | Vicky Barone

1. Fox | 2. Mini Cactus | 3. Diamond
4. Ice Cream Cone | 5. Bee Hive | 6. Taco
7. Car | 8. Donkey | 9. Watermelon
10. Numbers | 11. Moon | 12. Flamingo

Click on the links above to find your way to each piñata tutorial. Good luck and have fun!

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