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DIY Shamrock Wreath

by vickybarone

For this St. Patrick’s Day decor, we pulled out our trusty Interchangeable Wreath. But instead of adorning it with felt flowers, we made a handful of felt shamrocks! Keep reading to find out how to easily make your own!

DIY Shamrock Wreath | Vicky Barone

Supplies: green felt, scissors, green thread, a needle, hot glue, and bobby pins.

DIY Shamrock Wreath | Vicky Barone

1. Cut four felt squares of equal size. Cut two rounded bumps into the top of each square like the top of a heart.
2. Sew the leaves in a line by making two stitches into each. We stitched into the back, two stitches on top, and out the back (note the picture above for a pattern guide).
3. Push the leaves to the center of the thread and they should create a shamrock shape! Tie the two ends of the thread tightly together and fan out the leaves into a circle.
4. Cut a small circle out of felt and push a bobby pin onto it until it reaches the fold of the pin.
5. Cover one side of the felt circle with hot glue and attach it to the back of a shamrock. Flip it over and you have a shamrock ready to go on your wreath!

(Sewing technique adapted from here)

DIY Felt Shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day Wreath | Vicky Barone

These sweet little shamrocks can easily go in your hair as well! Just add the bobby pin to your hair like you normally would or attach it to a headband.

DIY Shamrock Wreath | Vicky Barone

Here is the finished product that is now hanging on the front door. Have you made an interchangeable wreath? We would LOVE to see it!

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