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Lucky Penny Wall Art

by vickybarone

Grab your lucky pennies for today’s St. Patrick’s Day craft! This DIY wall art is fun to make and adds a pop of color to your home or classroom.

Lucky Penny Wall Art | Vicky BaroneSupplies: a white canvas (ours is 12″ x 12″), green acrylic paint, painter’s tape or masking tape, a paint brush, a hot glue gun, and clean pennies (we used 83!).

1. Clean the pennies as best as you can by making a vinegar and salt solution and letting them soak for about ten minutes (or longer if they’re extra grimy!). Rinse them in cold water, scrubbing off the dirt if necessary, and dry them off completely.
2. Tape straight lines on your canvas using the painter’s tape. Seal the tape with your fingernail or a credit card to get the air bubbles out.
3. Paint the canvas with the green paint and let dry. Repeat with as many coats as necessary. When the paint is fully dry, remove the tape.
4. Lay out the pennies on the canvas in the design you like. Lift up each penny one-by-one to add hot glue to the back and place them gently back down on the canvas. Repeat with each penny until all are securely glued to the canvas (Copy our pattern of pennies if you’d like!).

Your canvas can show any shape or letter you like! Have fun with it and it will bring you lots of luck 🙂


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