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DIY Shamrock Cork Stamp

by vickybarone

All you need for this St. Patrick’s Day craft are some wine bottle corks and paint! The corks come together to make a sweet clover shape that’s perfect for little hands.

DIY Shamrock Cork Stamp | Vicky Barone
(The stamp on the left is made from recycled plastic corks, which create a very distinct circle shape with less paint in the center. On the right is a stamp made from classic cork, which creates a softer impression and full paint circles.)

Materials: 3 wine corks, acrylic paint, tape, and paper.

Directions: Tape three corks together in a clover shape. Stand them up vertically as you tape them to make sure they are level with one another to make a flat stamping surface.

Happy Stamping! Click here for more St. Patrick’s Day ideas!

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