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DIY Chevron Pumpkins

by vickybarone

Forget carving and scooping, forget taping and painting, and forget rotting pumpkins. All you need to make these stylish chevron pumpkins are some paint pens, a Sharpie, some fake pumpkins, and a steady hand…

DIY Chevron Pumpkins | Vicky Barone

Materials: tall orange pumpkin, small white pumpkin, gold paint pens, a black Sharpie marker, and a pencil for stenciling.

1. For the white pumpkin, I used a pencil to trace some chevrons and then the black Sharpie to fill them in. It helped to make a mark where each chevron would peak, to make sure they were spaced evenly apart.
2. For the orange pumpkin, I used a pencil again to mark the peaks of each chevron, spacing them evenly. I then traced lines connecting each peak with the pencil. I finished by filling in the lines with a gold paint pen.
3. Let dry completely before handling. Spray with an acrylic sealer if you plan to sit these outside at all!

DIY Chevron Pumpkins | Vicky Barone

That’s it! Now you don’t have to worry about rotting pumpkins AND you can store these away for next year.

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