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Couples Costumes for Halloween

by vickybarone

So you want to have matching costumes with your boyfriend, your best friend, your sister, or your dog…but you don’t want your other half to be embarrassed? We can’t make any promises on whether or not your Halloween partner will roll their eyes, but we think these nine costumes are pretty cool. Click on the links below to see how these crafty couples made their awesome costumes!

1. Bank Robbers
2. Alice & the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
3. Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash
4. Curious George & The Man with the Yellow Hat
5. Spartan Cheerleaders from SNL
6. Sam Shakusky & Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom
7. Pizza Slice & a Pizza Delivery Guy
8. Deer & Hunter
9. Black & White Swans from Black Swan

P.S. Costumes for groups and costumes for brothers 🙂

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