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Tinsel Swizzle Sticks and Pomegranate Champagne

by vickybarone

Christmas may be over, but the holiday season is still in full effect! We have the perfect drink to sip on while you’re ringing in the new year, complete with festive drink stirrers!

DIY Tinsel Swizzle Sticks and Pomegranate ChampagneMaterials: Plastic drink stirrers, tinsel garland, scissors, and glue.

1. Using scissors, cut off a small piece of tinsel (about an inch and a half).
2. Put glue on the top of the drink stirrer.
3. Hold piece of tinsel onto glue until it sets (if your tinsel garland has wire in it, bend the wire around the drink stirrer to help hold its place).
4. Let dry completely and serve in a champagne glass!

Pomegranate ChampagneThe pomegranate champagne is so delicious and simple! Pour an ounce or two of pomegranate juice in a champagne glass and fill the rest with your favorite champagne. For a kid-friendly version, swap out the champagne for sparkling cider or try these magic cotton candy drinks!

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