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DIY Party Poppers

by vickybarone

We LOVE these confetti poppers from DIY studio and decided to make our own for New Year’s Eve! Instead of confetti, we filled the poppers with toys for the kids to play with. They were so easy to make and we love the way they turned out!

DIY Party PoppersMaterials: Paper towel/ toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, ribbon, tape, scissors, and toys and/or confetti to fill them up!

DIY Party PoppersDirections:
1. Cut toilet paper roll in half.
2. Fill with toys or confetti! We filled ours with toy cars and colorful bracelets.
3. Tape each half of the toilet paper roll to a piece of tissue paper.
4. Roll up the popper in one or two layers of tissue paper and secure with tape or a dot of glue (one layer of tissue paper works best).
5. Tie each end with ribbon.
6. Have the kiddos pull on the ends to rip open the popper for their surprise!

For more New Year’s Eve ideas, check out our NYE Pinterest board!


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