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DIY Paper Plate Shamrocks

by vickybarone

We are so sad that Valentine’s Day is over, but what luck that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! Today we’re sharing a fun and simple kids craft to get you in the lucky spirit.

DIY Paper Plate Shamrocks | St. Patrick's Day | Vicky Barone

Supplies: green paper plates, scissors, a pencil, a single hole punch, white yarn, and a plastic sewing needle (optional).

1. Draw or trace a shamrock shape onto the back of a plate.
2. Cut the shape out with scissors.
3. Use a single hole punch to create holes around the edge of the shamrock shape.
4. Give your kiddos a piece of yarn (plastic sewing needle optional) and a prepped plate and let them get to sewing!

DIY Paper Plate Shamrocks | St. Patrick's Day | Vicky Barone

This St. Patrick’s Day craft is a fun way to pass the time and be creative by sewing different patterns! They also look great if you hang them up as decoration. What are your favorite St. Patrick’s Day crafts or treats? We’d love to hear!

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