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DIY Bleach Pen Napkins

by vickybarone

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We are so excited for Thanksgiving tomorrow! Today we’re sharing a fun DIY to personalize your table settings. Here’s how…

DIY Bleach Pen Napkins | Vicky Barone

We have seen the idea for bleach pen napkins all over Pinterest and we just had to try it out for ourselves.

Supplies: fabric napkins (ours were from Target), a bleach pen, and cardboard.

1. Test out your bleach pen writing skills on a piece of scrap cardboard before using it on a napkin. Once you feel comfortable with the flow of the bleach, you can get started!
2. Place another piece of cardboard underneath a napkin to catch any bleach that may seep through.
3. Choose the place on your napkin that you want your word or design and carefully draw it on with the bleach pen.
4. Set a timer for 10 minutes and check on your napkin. We found that with the lighter napkins, the bleach worked very quickly, but the darker napkins needed more time.
5. When the bleach has done it’s job, put the napkin under running water to remove the excess bleach.
6. Let the napkins dry and they are ready to go!

DIY Bleach Pen Napkins | Vicky Barone

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