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DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

by vickybarone

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Happy Friday! Today we’re sharing a DIY wreath that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. Here’s how to assemble your own…

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath | Vicky Barone

Supplies: a wreath (similar), twine, hot glue, patterned scrapbook paper, a paper cutter or scissors, gold foil stickers, and felt leaves.

1. Create the bunting by cutting rectangles out of a piece of scrapbook paper that are slightly larger than the gold foil letters.
2. Cut triangles out of the bottoms of each rectangle.
3. Add stickers to each piece of paper.
4. Attach paper flags to two pieces of twine with hot glue.
5. Attach the bunting to the wreath with hot glue on the back. To make it extra secure, weave the extra twine through the wreath on the back, tie knots, and add more hot glue.
6. Follow the instructions here to create the felt leaves. Attach to the bottom of the wreath with hot glue.
7. Hang the wreath with another length of twine.

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath | Vicky Barone

That’s it! And if you’d like, simply tie the bunting to the back of the wreath instead of using hot glue so you can make the wreath interchangeable for each holiday!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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